Lower School Synchronous Remote Learning Model

The SARS-COV-2 pandemic requires a responsive and agile academic institution; St. Gabriel’s has always taken great pride in being both of these. Our Brick to Click Learning approach allows us to address the changing needs of our community. Within the framework of Brick to Click Learning, we have been intentional in creating learning plans that make the transition to the different learning environments as seamless as possible. The Interactive Learning Plan (ILP) was created to act as a tool to navigate the three different learning environments: Campus, Synchronous Remote, and Distance. It will be a valuable resource for students, parents, and teachers.

The ILP’s contain hyperlinks to the digital tools and platforms that support student learning as well as daily schedules and weekly assignments. You will notice that the plans are very similar. Our intention is to have each environment mirror the campus schedule as closely as possible to provide continuity of instruction and routine. With that said, the minutes of instructional time will vary when we are engaged in synchronous remote and distance learning to meet the developmental needs of our students.

Our synchronous remote learners (those opting out of campus learning) will be expected to join all direct instruction within their core classes as well as their special rotation and P.E. classes. These classes are noted on the Synchronous Remote Learning Plan with a Zoom link. A singular Zoom meeting link will be included on the first page of the ILP. The individual links are present in these plans to denote when your child will receive direct, synchronous instruction. Be aware, there may be class activities that are not accessible to our at home learners. At that time, the teacher will excuse the student to work independently. This will mean that the student remains in the “waiting room” of the Zoom meeting until their teacher invites them to rejoin the class for additional instruction. It is important to keep in mind that, within a given day, the schedule will fluctuate due to individual classroom demands. Additionally, it is realistic to expect that your student will remain available in the Zoom meeting for the duration of the instructional periods. The only time that a student is not expected to be in the Zoom meeting is when the schedule does not have a Zoom link.

In regards to student etiquette and behavior while in the Zoom classroom, we have developed these expectations:

  • Be on time

  • Mute yourself

  • Turn on video

  • Be prepared

  • No chat box

  • Raise your hand to talk

  • Be respectful

These plans are samples and may be revised before implementation at the start of the school year. We may also revise after living with them for a bit. As we all know, flexibility and adaptability are essential skills now and always. We will notify you of any changes made to your child’s ILP.

Please reach out to Jacqui Glenn, Head of Lower School, with any questions.