Middle School On-Campus Cohort Learning Plan

Academic Expectations

  • Students in the on-campus cohort model will be rigorously engaged in all classes through face-to-face interaction with teachers, and other strategies implemented to address student needs. 

  • Teachers will implement blended instruction, continuing the project-based learning approach in which St. Gabriel’s students thrive and deeply engage. 

  • Students will be expected to submit work in a timely manner through the submission procedures designated by the teacher. 

  • Elective classes will continue with in-person format. 

  • Teachers will be accessible via email for prompt and timely feedback.

  • The teacher’s class activities, assignments, syllabus, and plans will be updated weekly.

  • Students can expect the same standard of rigorous engagement in the remote instructional format as in the real-time classroom format.

  • Grading of work, whether in a remote or in-person platform, will be the same.

  • Students will be expected to wear standard dress code whether attending class remotely or in-person, in accordance with uniform guidelines in the Student Handbook.

  • Students will be required to adhere to all behavioral expectations in accordance with guidelines in the Student Handbook, whether attending class remotely or in-person.



  • The bell schedule for synchronous remote learning and in-person will remain the same.

  • Students will access their Interactive Learning Plan on the MySGCS platform. In their Interactive Learning Plan, students and parents can view their individualized daily class schedule. Interactive links on their daily calendar will take the student to the teacher’s class Bulletin Board containing plans, assignments, instructional materials, the Zoom link for the class, and announcements from the teacher. Students will also be able to communicate directly with the teacher through an internal messaging system or simply via email. The Interactive Learning Plan will also show the bell schedule to indicate start and end times of each class.


  • The Advisory system will continue with programs for student engagement to meet and address their social emotional needs. The Advisory provides an additional layer of support and mentoring. The student’s Advisor will remain one of their main points of contact.



  • All teachers, staff and students will receive training on the various digital platforms and multimedia applications to be implemented prior to the start of school.

  • Parents will also be afforded training on various digital platforms and multimedia applications being implemented prior to the start of school.

  • All teachers and staff will receive training on COVID-19 protocols and specific practices for our school prior to the start of school.

  • Students will receive instruction and reinforcement of preventive hygiene practices such as hand-washing, physical distancing, and masks.

Catholic Identity

  • Friday all-school Masses will be live streamed via Zoom from Incarnate Word Chapel for students and teachers to attend remotely in their cohort locations. The virtual link to Mass will be distributed to parents so that families may attend from remote locations.

  • Weekly class Masses will also be live streamed via Zoom from Incarnate Word Chapel for parents to attend during the classes’ respective Religion class periods on their designated Mass day


  • Signs will be placed at all doors in various parts of the building directing students which doors to use as entrances and exits.

  • Signs regarding mask and distancing requirements and reinforcing hygiene practices.

Arrival Carpool 

  • A no-touch temperature check of students by a staff member wearing protective equipment, will occur at designated spots before students can enter the school building. Screening will take place before the parent leaves. Students and anyone else in the vehicles must have masks on when the pre-screening and temperatures are taken. If the student’s temperature is 100 or higher, the student will be sent home with the parent.

  • Students are assigned designated entrances depending on their cohort location. Signs will be posted on doors to indicate assigned entrances.

  • Six-foot markers and directional arrows will be placed on sidewalks, building floors and staircases.

  • All students and faculty are required to wear masks at all times on school grounds unless especially directed to remove them for particular activities. Students and faculty are also required to regularly sanitize hands. All classrooms and hallways are equipped with sanitizer dispensers.

Classroom Protocols 

  • Students are assigned cohort locations in which desks are positioned 6 feet apart and facing the same direction. 

  • Students will not be assigned lockers, and their belongings stay with them in class.

  • Students are required to bring their own water bottle and may fill it at the water the stations. The water fountains are not operational.

  • Cohorts are designed to minimize student movement between periods. Teachers rotate through the cohorts to teach their classes. A semi-block schedule is implemented to minimize teacher movement between classes also. However, during designated times when students have to move, they must follow distancing requirements and unidirectional traffic flow.

  • Teachers have the opportunity to hold classes in outdoor spaces when weather permits and when available. Distancing and masks are still required in outdoor instructional spaces.

Hallway Protocols 

  • Hallways and stairwells are marked for unidirectional flow. Areas where students may be required to fall in line are marked for six-foot distancing.

Lunch/Snack Protocols 

  • The floor in the Commons is marked for six-foot distancing. Tables are spaced apart and limit two students per table sitting distanced.

  • Multiple hand-sanitizer dispensers are installed in the Commons for students upon entering and exiting.

  • Students will eat lunch in the Commons by grade level to keep the numbers low to adhere to the six-foot distancing requirements.

  • Students will not be allowed to share food or utensils.

  • Students will also be monitored in the designated recess area to maintain distancing requirements.

Dismissal Carpool

  • Each family vehicle is assigned a number to be displayed prominently on the vehicle’s dashboard. The Silent Dismissal application will be used to summon each student from their class to the carpool area upon arrival of their vehicle.

Interactive Learning Plan

  • Throughout their schedule, students will engage with teachers in face-to-face instruction and guided practice, participate in discussions and collaborative projects, complete independent activities, and may set appointments for one-on-one guidance and support. See below for the Quick Start Guide to MySGCS Middle School Interactive Learning Plan.