Innovative Learning & STEAM Plan

The faculty of St. Gabriel’s Catholic School will continue to provide a dynamic, engaging, and progressive form of learning that incorporates Project-Based Learning (or PBL), STEAM, and other methods of inquiry and discovery of grade-level content through high-yield strategies. 

Innovation and STEAM Methods of Content Delivery
  • Blended Learning Methodology: Lectures, activities, assignments will be posted to the Learning Management System where all students can access and collaborate. LS will continue to use Seesaw and MS will continue to use mySGCS.

  • PBL is an integral approach used within the Blended Learning Model. This systemic approach to discovery and challenge will create the dynamic and engaging method of learning that is a hallmark of the St. Gabriel’s experience.

  • Highly effective cleaning methods will continue to be used in the d.Lab and in robotics to ensure safety and wellness of our students and staff.

  • Mindful distancing will be used in collaborative learning.