Athletics & After School Plan

After School Enrichment and Athletics

General Information

Enrichment activities and athletics will continue to play a huge role in fulfilling St. Gabriels’ commitment to providing exceptional, dynamic, interactive, and intentional educational experiences while also caring for our students’ emotional and physical health. At its core, these opportunities allow students to grow in and pursue passions outside of the classroom. Many life skills, such as teamwork, cooperation, accountability, and perseverance, are taught and learned after the school bell has rung.

Last year, local health concerns related to the Coronavirus forced SGCS and many other schools across the nation and world to modify, and in some instances suspend, these activities. Although COVID-19 still requires a careful watch, a full program of after school activities and athletics is being planned to fulfill the commitments promised to SGCS students, families, and community, while reducing the risk of a resurgence.

As the larger school community returns to in-person learning, SGCS activities and athletics will return to its long-standing policy of requiring participants to attend on-campus instruction for at least four hours during the school day prior to extracurricular participation.  Students will not be allowed to leave campus due to sickness and return for after school activities and athletics. Students diagnosed with (or exposed to) COVID should not participate in activities or athletics until they have fully returned to in-person learning.


SGCS will also continue to coordinate with its partners in all of our leagues and associations, CAPPS, CAPLAX, CTYLA, and OHYSA with the hope of offering regular-season competition and end-of-season tournaments against other schools, where tight agreements about safety and hygiene can be made in partnership with other schools. SGCS will again invite other Austin-area Catholic Schools to join our Sabers in tackle football, boys and girls lacrosse, and baseball. 

Events and games at SGCS will be open to full capacity for spectators.  Thus, we will not provide a live-streaming option for athletic events in the SGCS Gym. Face masks are optional for spectators, officials, coaches, and student-athletes that are not actively engaged in competition. Upon arrival, parents and spectators will have the option to clean their space in the bleachers (in the gym).

Across all activities and athletics, students who choose to participate in either sports or activities will be expected to adhere to the SGCS Activities and Athletics Participation Waiver of Liability For 2021-2022.

Preventative Hygiene

In general, our campus was exceedingly healthy last year due to our increased cleaning. We would like to continue to stay that healthy this year, so we will adopt a cleaning routine that encompasses some of our pre-COVID rituals with the new practices developed last year. The basic expectations concerning hygiene are as follows:

  • Coaches and instructors will self-check their general wellness at home and stay home if symptoms are present.

  • Wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer if unable to wash hands, before exiting the locker room or before entering a facility.

  • Wash hands during water breaks.

  • Bring individual water bottles - clearly labeled with names.

  • Cover coughs and sneezes into a tissue, then dispose of it in the trash can immediately. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your t-shirt or elbow. Use hand sanitizer afterward.

  • Do not share towels, clothing, bar soap, or other personal items.

  • The post-game rituals of handshakes with opponents will be reviewed with leagues.

  • SGCS will not loan any personal athletic protective gear or practice clothes - knee pads, ankle braces, etc.

  • All pinnies or practice jerseys will be washed after each use. Pinnies and practice jerseys will not be shared.

  • Shared equipment, such as balls, will be washed weekly.

  • Students will have their own equipment for individual drills whenever possible.​

Registration, Fees, and Communication

Registration for all 2021 - 2022 sports is available via TeamSnap, and links and other information can be found on the Athletics mySGCS Resource Board. All student-athletes are required to complete and submit a physical examination form and must sign and return the Activities and Athletics Participation Waiver of Liability For 2021-22.


After-school enrichment activities can be discovered and registered for on the SGCS website. Again, families must consent prior to participation with the Activities and Athletics Participation Waiver of Liability for 2021-22.

All fees for sports and activities will be billed via FACTS with the entire balance due being included in the next financial statement.  

Finally, SGCS, among many other schools, is a partner in a number of leagues to provide competition and works with a number of vendors to provide quality programming and instruction. All SGCS partners are committed to coordinating a united front by developing common agreements regarding hygiene expectations and other control measures for future hosting and traveling to other schools.  We are currently unsure of what new policies and procedures other schools and institutions are implementing. Please be patient as SGCS continues to work with our leagues, vendors, and partners during these difficult and uncertain times.

Saber Kids and Saber Study


General Information

As part of the SGCS commitment to deliver a culture and maintain a relationship based on integrity, caring, and excellence, Saber Kids and Saber Study will continue to offer a safe and loving environment for students who need to remain on campus after dismissal from school.


Saber Kids is designed for lower school students and is offered following dismissal until 6:00 pm. Families that plan to regularly utilize Saber Kids can register here and will be charged a monthly fee and a one-time materials fee; however, families can always drop-in if and when necessary.


Saber Study, on the other hand, is designed for middle school students and is always offered without a fee. It is imperative that school personnel account for each and every student remaining on campus after dismissal. Families should encourage students to check-in with Saber Study if they need to hang around for a bit. Registration for Saber Study is not required.

Registration and Fees

Families that plan on using Saber Kids often should register their child(ren). Unlimited Saber Kids will cost $275 per month.

Non-registered students will be charged a drop-in fee of $25.00 per occurrence. Saber Study, as always, is free for middle school students.