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The Journey Ahead

"And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity."


Dear St. Gabriel’s Families,


The Task Force has continued to meet weekly since May 2020 with the health of our community as its priority. This group remains abreast of local and national concerns regarding COVID-19 and considers all information while responding to our own campus needs. Our goals are unwavering: prioritize the emotional and physical safety of our community, stay together on campus where learning and growing are optimal, and allow for as much individual choice as possible given ongoing conditions. 


Thus, as the pandemic evolves, so too, do we. It is essential to the health of our campus that parents monitor their children for any of the symptoms listed below. Students determined to be close contacts who exhibit no symptoms can continue coming to school, but will need to wear a mask or face shield for a designated period of time. We will continue to monitor close contact individuals for symptoms while on campus; we will reach out if we determine a test is necessary.


List of Symptoms:

Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting



If your child develops any of these symptoms, please keep them home and contact your pediatrician, your Division Head, and Nurse Tracy. Your commitment to this request is significant for the health of our community.

If your child is symptomatic and/or positive for Covid at home, please:


1.    Contact your pediatrician for a test and/or advice specific to your child’s symptoms. Our tests are now limited in number and will be reserved for symptomatic individuals on campus.

2.    Contact your Division Head – Mrs. Glenn (Lower School) or Dr. Snyder (Middle School). They will help facilitate your child’s asynchronous experience while home.

3.    Contact Nurse Tracy so we are able to accurately track cases within our community.


If your child develops symptoms while at school, we will offer a Covid test. If your child is positive for Covid, you will be asked to pick him or her up from school as soon as possible to remain home 5 full days from the positive test date. Assuming symptoms have improved and there is no fever with or without fever-reducing medication for 24 hours, the student may return to campus on the 6th day wearing a mask for the next 5 days. 


I know we are all so tired of thinking and talking about COVID-19. It is challenging to feel a sense of a lack of control over this issue – its duration, severity, and the variety of responses and approaches throughout society to living with the virus; responses with which we may or may not agree. This uncertain feeling along with real worries over the economy and the welfare of our children can lead us to heightened levels of stress and reactions that are larger than we might otherwise have. St. Gabriel’s is a safe haven, a place apart, rising above as we always do. By focusing on our core values of Integrity, Caring, and Excellence, as well as remaining calm and measured, together we will continue to thrive, regardless of the vagaries of this virus. Of course there will be times we may have questions or concerns, and I want to hear them. Please reach out to me directly so that I may address them with you in a timely and fulsome manner.


Thank you for your continued support as we Forge the Future, Together!

All my best,



Mrs. Colleen Lynch, Head of School

Colossians 3:14


The Journey Ahead

Return to Learning

   ISSION STATEMENT:  St. Gabriel’s Catholic School educates children in a Christ-centered environment that fosters character formation through scholastic excellence and physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.


VISION STATEMENT:  The St. Gabriel’s community will flourish by providing a superior educational experience in a loving Catholic environment that calls forth excellence in the lives of our students.

Campus Plan Priorities:


St. Gabriel’s will make all decisions and modifications in regard to campus plans in alignment with the Mission and Vision of the School.


St. Gabriel’s campus plans will prioritize the physical, spiritual, and emotional health and safety of our students, their families, and our faculty and staff.


St. Gabriel’s will consistently communicate reopening plans as they evolve to continue the strong partnership between home and school that is an essential tenet of our community.


St. Gabriel’s will provide an educational experience that is exceptional, dynamic, interactive, and intentional regardless of learning format. 


St. Gabriel’s will leverage technology and instructional resources to support all aspects of a superior educational experience.


St. Gabriel’s will ensure that our culture of integrity, caring, and excellence is delivered regardless of learning format.



Campus Plan

Health Procedures

St. Gabriel’s is following local and national health guidelines closely as we continue to implement health procedures for our community. These procedures will be updated in accordance with this guidance as necessary.


& After School Plans

Athletics and Enrichment Activities  play a huge role in fulfilling St. Gabriel’s commitment to providing exceptional, dynamic, interactive, and intentional educational experiences while also caring for our students’ emotional and physical health.


Facilities Procedures

The health and safety of our children continue to be of great importance on our beautiful campus facilities. Click below to also learn more about carpool procedures, lunch procedures, and policies for campus visitors.


Lower School
Education Plans

We are excited to host our full student population on campus for in-person learning this school year. Click below for detailed information about our Lower School Campus Plan.

Middle School
Education Plans

We are excited to host our full student population on campus for in-person learning this school year. Click below for detailed information about our Middle School Campus Plan.


Innovative Learning & STEAM Plans

The faculty of St. Gabriel’s Catholic School will continue to provide a dynamic, engaging, and progressive form of learning that incorporates Project-Based Learning (or PBL), STEAM, and other methods of inquiry and discovery of grade-level content through high-yield strategies. Click below to learn more!



St. Gabriel’s remains committed to leveraging best-in-class technology and outstanding support for students, parents, and faculty to enhance the student learning experience.

SGCS Task Force

Coni Butler

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Jacqui Glenn

Head of Lower School

Farah Golab

Director of Enrollment Mgt. and Financial Aid

Riley Litherland

Director of Student Activities

Colleen Lynch

Head of School

Linda Matyas

Director of Facilities

Audra McCleary

Director of Technology

Tracy Robson

School Nurse

Blanca Snyder

Head of Middle School

Allison Starling

Director of Innovation